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SHOMAR EXIM is an export house located in the heart of India , at our hometown FULMOGRA,Dist. Bhandara where we are farming organically since ages. From humblest beginnings in the year of 2019 and after getting a successful response we have finally decided to give it a platform in 2020 . We are striding ahead with the aim of improving quality of life by improving quality of food.

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Rice..our curries best friend !! It no longer needs any special introduction. The food that we grow up eating since doesn’t know how many generations.

But today its been blamed for all the bad reasons, because our bodies requirements are different now. Over a period of time every nutrient has become of nutrition freaks. Sometimes they blame fat, sometimes they blame sugar / simple carbs & sometimes gluten....but majority of studies says that you deal with health issues not because of eating a nutrient but because of lack nutrients. So there is no harm if it is taken with right nutrient & in a right way

Black Rice

Contents - Vit. B1,B2, Dietry fibres, Antioxidents, Magnesium, Amino acids.


- Healthy effects on glucose metabolism & insuline resistence

- High fibre content keeps digestion system running smooth

- Low glycamic index

- Detoxify liver

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